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Regal CinemasRegal Cinemas - is obviously about Regal Cinemas (Regal Entertainment Group). We link you to the best sources for finding a Regal cinema near you, and what movies are showing in each one.

List of Regal movies of what's showing now and coming soon. There's also description to some of the Regal movies that were being shown. These are now out of date and you should visit the links for the latest movies.

Regal Movies

The below page can't be always updated so please visit the official website link located to the right of the page for the very latest movies being shown & coming soon

A list of the movies that are being shown or coming soon and a little synopsis to a few of them.

Now Showing

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Regal Movies, Resident Evil 2 Movie

The sequel to Resident Evil follows top military agent Alice (Milla Jovovich), as she fights to contain the virus that has turned Raccoon City into a haven for the undead.

This time, she teams up with a group of survivors, including another tough heroine named Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillroy).

Regal Movies

Regal Movies, Cellular

A random wrong number to his cell phone sends a young man into a high-stakes race against time to save a woman's life in the action thriller Cellular.

With no knowledge of Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger) other than her hushed, panicked voice on the other end of the tenuous cell phone connection, Ryan (Chris Evans) is quickly thrown into a world of deception and murder on his frantic search to find and save her.

Regal Movies

Regal Movies, Hero

Raise the Red Lantern's acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimou directs this martial arts epic set in China in the 3rd century b.c.

Assassins are determined to murder the tyrannical king. A mysterious, nameless man appears at the king's palace claiming to have already dispatched the three most legendary killers.

The king entreats him to describe in detail how he overcame each of them. So begins a Rashomon-like tale filled with high-flying action and passionate drama.

Without a Paddle
Regal Movies

Regal Movies, Without a Paddle

Without a Paddle tells the story of three lifelong friends who find themselves on a canoe trip in search of a $200,000 treasure.

They're quite unaware of the obstacles in front of them, including a dangerous river and more than a few whacked-out mountain men.

Regal Movies

Regal Movies, Collateral

A cab driver learns that his current fare is a hit man that wants him to drive around from mark to mark until the last witness to a crime is dead.

When the cabbie finally figures out the whole truth, he must prevent the assassin from wiping out his last witness without becoming the next in the professional killer's line of casualties.

All the above Regal movies and more can be found on the official site.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Regal Entertainment Group - Official site with what Regal movies are being shown all the other information you need.

Fandango - Buy movie tickets online.

Regal Movies, Coming Soon

Sky Captain & World Of Tomorrow
Mr. 3000
The Forgotten
First Daughter
Shark Tale

and more!

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